Blues Week Zoom Lessons Schedule from 25th September to 16th October

Saturday 25th September, 6pm UK Time
John Miller – The Songsters

For John’s class, he will take a look at the repertoire and accompaniment styles of several of the songsters such as Henry Thomas, Joe Callicott, Leadbelly, and John Hurt whose repertoires encompassed blues, folk and pop songs and religious numbers.  The focus will not be on learning pieces note-for-note, but rather on getting a broad idea of how the different players used the guitar to accompany their songs, and how you can use their approaches in your own arrangements.

Saturday 9th October, 3pm UK Time
Eddie Martin – Harmonica 10 Minutes with Eddie Martin

What are you working on? Is there anything with regards to the harmonica you need help with? Eddie’s workshop will attempt to answer these questions by giving you practical advice and tips to advance your playing.  Each student will decide what to cover and the lesson will be tailored individually.  Everyone will be allowed 10 minutes maximum (one to one).  Depending on how many people turn up, the time may vary since we only have 45 minutes. For all levels.

Saturday 16th October, 3pm  UK Time
Michael Roach and Abie Budgen – Beginners Guide to Playing Melody with an Alternating Bass

This lesson will be the follow up (as requested) to the one in the month of May. Michael and Abie will focus on blues in the key of E and use the song ‘Black Rat Swing’ by Memphis Minnie as an example to demonstrate playing melodies in the style of John Cephas and John Jackson. We will show you how they shape the song to fit their personality on it and change it to suit the way they play.

If you are not able to make any of the lessons, no worries, we will record it. The recordings will then be uploaded to the Online Access page of our website featuring Mandolin, Fingerpicking and Slide Guitar and Harmonica for all levels.