Online Access Workshops

We have set up an exclusive ‘Online Access’ page only for those who paid to attend Blues Week 2020 and let their payment roll over to the next year (now Blues Week 2022). The page is password protected and has video content from all members of staff for all levels of ability. Also, we are updating the page with new video content as well.

This year, we are expanding the access and presenting free exclusive live lessons from members of staff. It commenced on Sunday (7th March) with Mark Wenner conducting an intermediate/advanced harmonica lesson. The next one will feature John Miller on Saturday 13th March at 7:30pm UK time. John’s class is titled ‘Play the Same Song, but with a Different Arrangement’.

The lesson will be on Zoom and we will be sending out invitations later today and tomorrow. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.