Richard Knott’s Songwriter Circle returns to Blues Week 2019

Euroblues Promotions is pleased to announce the return of the successful Songwriters’ Circle to Blues Week 2019. These informal, collaborative and fun sessions have proved very popular in previous years.

The Songwriters Circle will take place on two evenings (Monday and Tuesday) and will be led by singer/songwriter Richard Knott. Richard has been attending Blues Week since 2006 and he is well known and respected for his thoughtful and witty songs, with great guitar skills to match. This year, Richard will share a 5-step approach to songwriting, deconstructing an original song to illustrate the techniques and thought processes involved. Aspiring songwriters will learn new tools to help them write their first song, while experienced writers will hear about approaches to get round the mental blocks that afflict all songwriters from time to time! There will also be opportunities for all students to share ideas, and to demonstrate their own approach to songwriting.

For more information about Richard and his music, please visit his website at